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Lefkimmi is a town in southern Corfu. The area, which includes municipalities and Lefkimmeon Korission extends from Messonghi and the homonymous river, as the southernmost tip of Corfu , the ( the so-called cavo bianco Venetian era ) . The area mentioned is known from medieval times called Alechimmo, the Strait of Lefkimimi the famous naval battle had taken place between Corinth and Athens during the Peloponnesian War .

Unlike the rest of Corfu is mountainous , it has low hills with olives ,and in the lowlands are cultivated citrus and vineyards with wine known in Corfu. It has many villages scattered in every corner , on a green background settlements and beaches.It also has tourist areas such as St. George in Argyrades , Kavos , more traffic during the summer , the beach of Marathia , the Maltas or Saint Barbara , the Gardeno, resort for a relaxing holiday , the Buka . There is the homonymous city of Lefkimi, an extensive settlement in many neighborhoods, such as Rigglades the Anaplades , Saints Theodori , Potami the channel , and Melikia.

Lefkimi is Lake Korission connected by a narrow channel to the sea. Near the Cape is the Arkoudila , with an old monastery.Lefkimmi has a port that serves many people and is connected with the port of Igoumenitsa.  In the wider area still belong Boukari that offers fresh fish , and the mountain village of Xlomos. The Lefkimmiots have a special dialect and local costumes . In the streets you will encounter women carrying containers with balance on the head.